Organized Sports

“Integrating “Coach K’s” program into our football team was a first for both of us, and it was an integral part of our team’s success on the field this year. The program provided the athletes opportunities to open up to one another in ways that built team connection, and also gave them practical, actionable techniques to use in preparation, practice, and games. Coach K also helped our team create a less stressful, more positive energy environment which was clearly visible in the way the boys played on Friday nights. The feedback from the players was that Coach K’s techniques helped them move on from mistakes more quickly and better manage the stress of high-leverage game situations. In short, the athletes felt it was one of the best changes we made to our program this year and fully 90% of them want her back next season!”
Marcello Giuliano

English Teache/Head Football Coach, Beckman High School

Working with Kelly has been nothing short of transformative. As a coach, Kelly’s dedication to promoting positivity, resilience, and harnessing failure as fuel has had a profound impact on both myself and the athletes I coach. Her unwavering support and guidance in navigating emotions have not only elevated my coaching abilities but have also empowered me to instill these invaluable lessons in every athlete I work with. I am forever grateful for Kelly’s expertise, insight, and genuine commitment to fostering growth and success both on and off the field.

Youth Softball Coach

Kelly’s work with our Girls in STEM program, Athena Racing, has provided our teenagers with a foundation of success as they start to build towards their future. Her compelling and articulate manner allows for some of the hardest conversations to flow with ease. Kelly’s help is an investment in career success!
Loxley Browne

CEO Athena Racing

“During the height of Covid we were fortunate to have Kelly conduct a “stress resilience” workshop with our team. She conducted several sessions in which she first offered several assessments, the tailored her instruction to meet our needs, personalities, and particular challenges. Kelly showed incredible care, empathy and leadership to our young women. Our team was excited to have their next session, and when the workshop was concluded they- unanimously- expressed their appreciation. The skills we learned were vital in being able to navigate what has been arguably the toughest experience in these young women’s lives.

After our work with Kelly I had several of my student-athletes tell me they were about to drop out of school- due to the stress, pressures and subsequent depressions this caused them. The workshop with Kelly “kicked them into gear”. They committed to their schoolwork, their (limited) athletic activities, and I am proud to say, they all completed their semester and passed their courses. I am not sure if Kelly knows how big of an impact she made on each one of our women, but I can tell you it was phenomenal.

In addition, she continued to follow through and check in on us. Even though we were able to be back together on the court, we faced uphill challenges as a team. She reminded us of the skills we had learned, and we were able to call on those to help us navigate the unknown. We can never express or appreciation enough for what Kelly has done with us and how she has affected our lives”

Flo Luppani

Associate Professor, Kinesiology/Head Women's Basketball Coach, Santa Ana College

“Kelly did an amazing job teaching our athletes at Beckman High School how to deal with stress as it relates to sports. She taught our athletes breathing techniques, how to reframe negative thoughts, and embrace competition with a positive attitude. All of our athletes came away with many tools that will serve them in life and in sports.
Thanks you so much, Kelly!”
Coach Schuld

Men’s & Women’s Team , Beckman High School Cross Country

“Kelly was very helpful to our team in many ways. She taught them about working together, communication, mental approach for each at bat and breathing techniques to help through all parts of the game especially batting. She was very good at follow-up with the players and continuously stayed involved. I truly appreciate her program and highly recommend Kelly.”

Gina Hairapetian

Varsity Softball Coach, Chaminade High School

“Working with Kelly was great for our team and myself.  We had some key conversations at extremely pivotal times during our season.  Having taught stress and dealing with stress for 28 years, Kelly had insights that were significant for my team and I immediately shared them in my health class.  The character trait profile she uses is invaluable.  It helped the entire team and gave me insights to approaches that may not work, because of our teams 5 traits.  In a world where mental health is at the forefront, I believe every coach should consider implementing a programs that deals with stress, emotional resilience, and how to reduce anxiety through breathing. Our athletes need the tools to overcome failure, embarrassment and anxiety.  They need to know they can do hard things and Kelly’s program provides the tools.  She is a tremendous asset to player’s and coach’s success on and off the floor.”

Coach Paula Dahl

Bakersfield College

“Working with Kelly was like having an additional coach on staff that only focused on team and player development. Her insight into what players and coaches are going thru is a real blessing. I hope to continue to work with Kelly and our entire Softball Program.”
Jess Carbajal

Head Varsity Coach, Canyon High School

I’ve definitely seen a change in how the girls approach things but also a way that we as coaches can address them when things come up.
Coral Sage

Head Women's Basketball Coach, Cosumnes River College

“Kelly is known to our players as “The Miracle Worker!” A couple of our girls had been struggling with their confidence up to bat. At one of our tournaments Kelly pulled them aside and had a talk with them. She was able to rewire their thought process from negative to positive. From that moment on their body language changed and they were able to relax and see positive results. Kelly finds a way to connect with all athletes and in today’s world of constant pressure to perform, her craft is essential. All sports and athletes could benefit from Kelly’s program. We will be using her mentorship for years to come.”

Cara Blumfield Viramontes

Softball, El Camino Real Charter High School

Executive Coaching

“I’ve been working with Kelly since October 2023, and she has helped me grow significantly with a few months of work. As an executive coach, Kelly provides me with an experienced, objective sounding board and acts as a guide for my professional life. Her coaching has helped me navigate challenges like advocating for my peers, improving dysfunctional company culture, addressing conflict, navigating increasingly complex responsibilities, and stepping into a management-level role. She is an empathetic, calming, intelligent coach that has helped me gain the experience and presence I need to become a more confident, more effective professional.”

Ashtyn Coleman

Infrastructure Development Manager

If I could select all of the “Top Attributes” available, I would do so. With that in mind, Kelly’s expertise, patience, creativity, and quiet but firm drive, have been helpful far beyond my training sessions. They have been an asset to my personal life as well. Kelly’s workouts are coordinated with a wonderful sense of humor that is matched only by a serenity that is constant and inspirational.

I would not hesitate to consult Kelly for any future training projects.

Jennifer Bersin

Administrative Law Judge

“Had the pleasure of working with Kelly on two different occasions. In both instances, she served as my executive coach and was great to work with, guiding me through a structured process. Each time I discovered a lot about my own priorities, needs, and goals. I highly recommend her and would gladly work with her again.”

Stephen Dypiangco, MFA

Roblox Marketing

Corporate Facilitating/Training

Kelly worked with my team to expand upon our strengths and confront our weaknesses. Our first team workshop focused on conflict resolution. After candidly exploring our individual conflict resolution styles, Kelly suggested ways that we could create a stronger, more resilient team.

Specifically, Kelly led us in discussing ways that we could leverage necessary confrontation to innovatively problem-solve. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Ramona Cataldi, JD

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader

“Thank you for providing Dekra-Lite Industries with a great foundation of Business Skills. Our new and existing employees are now equipped with common terminology learned through several sessions; customer service, active listening, goal setting, time management and we learned the most about each other during Team Building and Conflict Resolution. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real-life examples which all made for enjoyable and informative sessions. It helped us professionally and personally! This has exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to additional training with you in the future. Thank you again!”
Adriana Penunuri

HR Manager, Dekra-Lite Industries Inc.

“Kelly’s style is extremely effective because of the way she listens, absorbs and gives feedback. She has an ability to make instant connections with a diverse group of people and high-level staff.  Kelly brought something to our Strategic Planning process that has been missing for four years, a sense of organization and cohesiveness.”  , Metropolitan Water District
John Arena

Metropolitan Water District

I cannot recommend Kelly Oberle enough as a trusted partner in helping to create change in team dynamics and organizational performance. I have engaged Kelly as a partner with me in culture transformation both for my team as well as for larger organizational purposes. Kelly takes the time to really listen, understands the nuances of a particular team/organization and then offers effective and practical solutions to accelerate change.
Kelly brings extra value in that she views each client and
institution as if it were her own and has a vested interest in
seeing her clients succeed. Kelly also deeply cares about people
and institutions and personally and professionally understands
the tremendous value effective leadership and culture can have on people. I will seek out Kelly whenever I can to partner with me in transformational change. She is a standout among other
consultants for her insight, courage, commitment and heart and I am honored to know her as a partner and friend in our
shared commitment to building a more inclusive and equitable world.

Liji Thomas CPA (TX), CIA, CRMA, SHRM-CP

Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

“The work that Kelly does is brilliant in helping teams and individuals learn and apply resilience to get up and keep going during failure, miscommunication, hardship, misalignment, and when life just plain ol’ knocks you down. Life is full of hardship. When teams aren’t cohesive, that hardship rears its ugly head even more. Kelly has tools, tricks, and strategies that anyone can apply anywhere in their life, at work, on the field, at home, to regroup, recenter, and come back swinging. I believe every team and every individual can benefit from Kelly’s expertise and the programs of Access Human Potential. She’s really good!”
Jennifer L. Horspool

Engagement PR & Marketing

“I highly recommend Kelly as a facilitator. Not only does she listen, deliver and produce, but she does it all with a polished demeanor. She’s a pro. It shows in her ability to make the task at hand look easy. Her practiced professionalism comes across with just the right amount of energy and confidence. Kelly lifts the room with her can-do spirit!”

Lynda Nelson

Manager House Operations, Ronald McDonald House

Individual Athlete

My daughter started her training at the end of the summer with Kelly. This has been the best thing we have done for her, she has had the opportunity to work through the mental side of sports. Kelly works with not just being mentally prepared for games but also, how to balance school as well. These tools have helped her to elevate athletically and academically. If you are on the fence about if this is beneficial, I can tell you it’s worth it!
Christina Blake

“Performing well in games used to be difficult for me because I would constantly hover over the mistake I did plays ago, which caused me to feel doubt within myself. This program helped me with that because I was able to realize that I wasn’t the only who made mistakes and only the greater people succeed because they don’t let their mistakes weigh over them.”

“With our limited time, Kelly was able to quickly provide key points of peak performance and then address specific questions our team had. She did not get bogged down in unnecessary details and kept the focus on what the team wanted to accomplish.”

“When high pressure situations occurred during my freshman year I was more prone to mistakes as I couldn’t focus and overcome the anxiety. This program has helped me become more locked in during these situations and focus simply on the next play.”

“The team interaction was helpful, it was good to lay a safe foundation for people to voice their opinions and positively set boundaries while engaging as a team.”

“I loved participating in Kelly’s course! She breaks down everything down concisely and allows room for everyone to share their opinions. I learned a ton about different ways that our bodies respond to stress and have tools to overcome them on the field and in life. Would highly recommend taking her class!”

“In identifying what we can and can’t control, Kelly elaborates on ways we can be better prepared to take on high pressure situations. With an explanation of how our brains and bodies work, she provides actions we can take to be more present and let go of the thoughts that prevent us from playing at our full potential. Highly recommend if you’re working toward playing any sport freely and having more fun.”



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