Leadership is built on trust. Our custom leadership development program assists leaders in creating the foundation for good communication, enhanced productivity, and team flexibility. Our customized programs deliver the key elements you need to inspire your people to access their potential and move forward.

We focus on Building High Performance Teams. These teams meet their goals consistently, work cohesively as a group and are engaged in their work. They are innovative in problem-solving, display high levels of communication and collaboration, delivering consistent and superior results. These programs will focus on the key characteristics of high performing teams – specifically the importance of building trust, accountability and persuasive communication skills.


  • Acknowledging that errors happen
  • Taking responsibility in the workplace
  • Taking steps to remedy errors without blaming others


  • Transparency is key to business relationships
  • Openness and honesty foster trust
  • Clarity prevents confusion

Emotional Intelligence

  • Empower and engage employees
  • Handle difficult situations
  • Recognize when people are triggered by stress or emotions



​“Thank you for providing Dekra-Lite Industries with a great foundation of Business Skills. Our new and existing employees are now equipped with common terminology learned through several sessions; customer service, active listening, goal setting, time management and we learned the most about each other during Team Building and Conflict Resolution. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real-life examples which all made for enjoyable and informative sessions. It helped us professionally and personally! This has exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to additional training with you in the future. Thank you again!”

Adriana Penunuri

HR Manager at Dekra-Lite Industries Inc.
“The work that Kelly does is brilliant in helping teams and individuals learn and apply resilience to get up and keep going during failure, miscommunication, hardship, misalignment, and when life just plain ol' knocks you down. Life is full of hardship. When teams aren't cohesive, that hardship rears its ugly head even more. Kelly has tools, tricks, and strategies that anyone can apply anywhere in their life, at work, on the field, at home, to regroup, recenter, and come back swinging. I believe every team and every individual can benefit from Kelly's expertise and the programs of Access Human Potential. She's really good!"

Jennifer L. Horspool

Engagement PR & Marketing

"Integrating "Coach K's" program into our football team was a first for both of us, and it was an integral part of our team's success on the field this year. The program provided the athletes opportunities to open up to one another in ways that built team connection, and also gave them practical, actionable techniques to use in preparation, practice, and games. Coach K also helped our team create a less stressful, more positive energy environment which was clearly visible in the way the boys played on Friday nights. The feedback from the players was that Coach K's techniques helped them move on from mistakes more quickly and better manage the stress of high-leverage game situations. In short, the athletes felt it was one of the best changes we made to our program this year and fully 90% of them want her back next season!"

Marcello Giuliano

English Teacher/Head Football Coach - Beckman High School

Kelly is known to our players as “The Miracle Worker!” A couple of our girls had been struggling with their confidence up to bat. At one of our tournaments Kelly pulled them aside and had a talk with them. She was able to rewire their thought process from negative to positive. From that moment on their body language changed and they were able to relax and see positive results. Kelly finds a way to connect with all athletes and in today’s world of constant pressure to perform, her craft is essential. All sports and athletes could benefit from Kelly’s program. We will be using her mentorship for years to come.

Cara Blumfield Viramontes

El Camino Real Charter High School Softball

"Kelly did an amazing job teaching our athletes at Beckman High School how to deal with stress as it relates to sports. She taught our athletes breathing techniques, how to reframe negative thoughts, and embrace competition with a positive attitude. All of our athletes came away with many tools that will serve them in life and in sports.
Thanks you so much, Kelly!"

Coach Schuld

Beckman High School Cross Country – Men’s & Women’s Team

"Working with Kelly was like having an additional coach on staff that only focused on team and player development. Her insight into what players and coaches are going thru is a real blessing. I hope to continue to work with Kelly and our entire Softball Program."

Jess Carbajal

Head Varsity Coach Canyon High School


Managing stress and self-awareness will benefit team productivity. Decreasing anxiety to address issues within the team while increasing engagement will ultimately see your organization succeed. We provide custom workshops to foster better relationships and ensure your team understands their individual roles and value within the team.

This program has two 2-hour workshops and optional 1-hour roundtable discussions. We build the foundation for you to have a lasting and significant impact on your team’s confidence and success.

Key Benefits:

Workshops begin and end with a complete stress assessment. The resilience tools are taught in an interactive setting and include breathing techniques, mindfulness practices, and awareness exercises.


Round Table Discussion

Valued leaders and team members are strategic, communicate well, and can make thoughtful decisions quickly. With the right skills, leaders guide their teams and organizations to break down barriers and combat obstacles with tenacity and vigor.



We offer further custom one-on-one athletic coaching in:

  • Leadership Development
  • Health & Wellness
  • Stress Management
  • Mental Rehearsal/Visualization
  • Goal Setting and Execution
  • Time Management & Organization
  • Championship Mindset
  • Motivation & Commitment
  • Dealing with Stress & Anxiety



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