Access Human Potential

Access Human Potential uses proven methodologies to build strength of character, rise above difficult situations, and thrive. Through positive self-talk, mistake recovery, and self-awareness, we incorporate these values and strategies into the DNA of your organization.

We believe you build employees and team members that care by:

  • Improving cooperation between groups.
  • Encouraging early communication for problem-solving.
  • Increasing productivity through stress reduction.
  • Reducing confusion through open dialogue.
  • Building cohesive internal relationships.
  • Understanding the value of an individual

We imagine a world where everyone has the coping skills for life’s biggest and smallest challenges.

We are building well-rounded, adaptable individuals with the strength of character, resilience, and skills to overcome life’s challenges and thrive through each chapter of their lives.

We value integrity, inclusion, resilience, and teamwork.

• Productivity and efficiency are our foundation.
• Balance and moderation are our cornerstones.
• We enjoy what we do and believe in promoting this philosophy.
• We treat others as we want to be treated.


Kelly Oberle is a leadership development expert. She grew up in St. Louis, Missouri playing softball, later earning her Bachelor’s in Organizational Studies from Northwestern University, where she excelled. After moving to California, Kelly gained extensive experience in sales and marketing management for high-tech Fortune 500 companies throughout her career.

Realizing that stress had affected her personally and professionally, Kelly started learning breathwork, mindfulness, and stress management tools. Balancing her personal and professional worlds while raising three children was challenging. However, Kelly found that learning new techniques to improve self-regulation helped her become more successful and healthier in her home and work life.

Through her experience working with corporations and coaching softball and athletics, Kelly realized that the techniques she learned to improve her stress could be taught to others. Moreover, learning from a younger age, they would take these skills with them for the rest of their lives. Kelly is certified in HeartMath and has extensive training in emotional intelligence, VIA Character Strengths, HBDI, DiSC, positive psychology, and has a Master’s in Leadership from The University of Redlands.

Kelly founded Access Human Potential to help athletes and businesses improve their team function and overcome fear, inspiring them to become more productive and achieve more than they thought possible.


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